Bio Pros 24/7 Offers The Best Airborne Pathogen, Coronavirus, and Infectious Disease Cleanup Services

If you have recently been infected with Covid-19 or any other infectious disease or pathogen, and have made a full recovery, you need to consider hiring a professional cleaning service to eliminate any trace of the disease from your home. Luckily, Bio Pros 24/7 offers the best airborne pathogen, coronavirus, and infectious disease cleanup services around. We understand how important this type of cleanup service is, and that is why we are 100% committed to making sure we eliminate any and every trace of Covid-19 or other infectious diseases from your home so that you can feel safe reentering it once we are done.

In these uncertain times during the Covid-19 pandemic, we have remained committed to offering the best infectious disease cleanup services around. That is because we understand how scary it can be to learn you have received a positive diagnosis for an infectious disease. Once you are healthy again, give Bio Pros 24/7 a call, and we will come out to your home whenever it is convenient for you. What sets us apart from our competition is the amount of time our employees spend being trained to use our one-of-a-kind infectious disease cleanup procedure. On top of this, we make sure our cleanup crews understand exactly what disease they will be dealing with at your home. This allows us to adjust our cleanup routine catered specifically to your needs.

Coronavirus and Airborne Pathogen Cleanup Services

When our specially trained cleanup crew arrives at your home, they will make sure to review our infectious disease cleanup procedure before they begin cleaning. This procedure includes a strict adherence to all OSHA guidelines, as well as certification by the IICRC. For our Covid-19 cleanup services specifically, Bio Pros 24/7 constantly consults with the CDC for updates about effective cleaning procedures. That means when one of our professional infectious disease cleanup teams arrives at your home, we guarantee you that they will be using the most up-to-date Covid-19 cleaning procedures available. When we begin cleaning, we are sure that all of our employees are wearing PPE and respirator masks. During the cleanup process, we clean every surface in your home a minimum of two times, and any materials that must be disposed of are disposed using standard biohazard disposal procedure. This allows us to assure you that no trace of the infectious disease is left behind, and your home is 100% safe to enter after we leave.