Why cleaning up a hoarding property will require the assistance of a professional company

Cleaning up a hoarding property is never an easy task. Hoarding affects all parties involved – the hoarder, their family, and their community. Hoarding can create a hazardous and uninhabitable living environment and can be an emotional process for the person suffering. When dealing with the overwhelming process of finding help and cleaning out a home, it is best to use the assistance of a professional company. A professional company will supply a caring team to clean the house discreetly, efficiently, and compassionately.

Hoarding is characterized by the buildup of junk, clutter, and contamination that a reasonable person would find uninhabitable due to the combination of filth and debris, excessive trash, expired food, odor, boxed items, mold, mildew, etc. Human and animal fecal matter and bodily fluids may also be present. This accumulation of garbage and items that have overcrowded the home can create a severe safety hazard. Every hoarding cleanup is different, but a professional company is committed to helping all hoarders and restoring the property to a safe and sanitary environment.

The physical act of cleaning out a hoarded property requires effective planning and execution and the proper equipment. Depending on the extent of contamination in the hoarded environment, specialists may wear protective gear to avoid infection. A professional team will apply their expertise to ensure proper debris removal, biohazard disposal, cleaning for salvageable items, general cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing services.

Cleaning up a hoarding property requires not only a skilled cleaning team, but also a compassionate team. Hoarding is a complex mental health disorder that makes it difficult for a person to discard or part with possessions, regardless of actual value. This makes hoarding cleanup an emotional process for those who suffer. Many professional companies will provide assistance before, during, and after the cleanup operation so that the hoarder can receive proper support. This includes discreet cleanups and arrangements for counseling with social workers and psychologists.

Before you attempt to tackle the cleaning and sanitization of a hoarded property yourself, contact a professional company for an efficient and compassionate solution.

Hoarding cleanup services generally include

● Hazardous waste removal, including animal droppings and other bio-hazardous materials
● Repair services for any areas of the home that have become damaged from the over-cluttered and/or unsanitary conditions
● Documentation of the cleanup process
● Donation of unwanted items to charity
● Electronics recycling
● Valuable recovery
● Trash removal
● Organizing, deep cleaning, and disinfecting services