Why Unattended Deaths Require Professional Cleaning Services

Although nobody plans for it, unexpected deaths are an unfortunate reality that many families around the country are forced to deal with on a yearly basis. An unattended death describes a situation where a person dies in the absence of anyone else, and the body is not discovered for a period of time. Most times, the body is discovered within a period of just a few days. However, other times it can take weeks or even months to find the body. Whether the unattended death is a result of suicide, homicide, natural causes, or some kind of accident, it is important to understand that you must hire a professional company to properly clean the area where the body was found. If you choose to clean it by yourself, you risk the health and safety of yourself and anyone else who will frequently visit the area where the body was found.

When you find any unresponsive body, it is important that you call 911 immediately. If the authorities confirm that the person is deceased and you have arranged transportation for the body, your next step should be to contact a professional cleaning service when you feel emotionally ready to do so. This is because the scene of any unattended death is defined as a biohazard cleanup. When a person dies and their body begins to decompose, they release harmful bacteria and pathogens that must be cleaned up quickly and effectively to prevent other people from getting sick. Only a professional cleaning service with years of experience dealing with biohazards is adequately prepared to clean the scene of an unattended death. If you attempt to clean the area yourself, you risk putting yourself and others in harm’s way.

After an unexpected death, a person’s body begins to decompose in a matter of just a few hours. The decaying process is rapid, and a person’s bodily fluids immediately begin leaking onto the floor or soaking into the carpet or bedding. Additionally, if there was violence involved in the death, there may be blood spatter on the walls and floor. A professional biohazard cleaning company is properly equipped to tackle any of these problems because they wear professional protective equipment and have been specifically trained in how to respond to unique biohazards. When dealing with an unexpected death, you should consider the property where the body was found uninhabitable until the area has been cleaned by a professional biohazard cleaning crew. Some of the common steps in the biohazard cleanup process are sanitization, restoration, and deodorization.